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"After listening through “Trauma Tales Vol 1“, it is evident that there’s a delicate sweetness and intense passion intertwined effortlessly in honest and poignant lyrics. NIA reassures that the state of modern R&B is in a great and safe place. With polished production, raw, evocative lyrics, and well-defined sound, this is an album that NIA can most certainly be proud of." 

- Nicolae Baldovin; CVLTARTES

Previous Releases


Branded THERAPY EP.png

"NIA is an independent artist in the Philadelphia area. Her recent single, “The Math,” represents the symbolic and monumental nature of how the current struggle affects us as a community. Featuring live audio from 2020 protests, it captures the raw essence of the chaos, while connecting it to lo-fi/r&b sounds. Not only is it motivational, but it serves as a theme song to this current era of activism." 

- Eugene Zenyatta; Philadelphia Weekly

Distant colors (Single)

Branded DC.png

"For anyone who has ever cursed the depth of their emotional intellect, Distant Colors will act as an olive branch of empathy. As NIA’s light vocal timbre falls into the echoey and reverb-drenched shimmering guitars, the solid, steady drumbeats give the track enough structure while letting the ambience breathe through." 

- Amelia Vandergast; A&R Factory

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