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Philadelphia Weekly

"NIA is an independent artist in the Philadelphia area. Her recent single, “The Math,” represents the symbolic and monumental nature of how the current struggle affects us as a community. Featuring live audio from 2020 protests, it captures the raw essence of the chaos, while connecting it to lo-fi/r&b sounds. Not only is it motivational, but it serves as a theme song to this current era of activism."

Lo-Fi Snack Pack: Week 59

"Drums, snaps, piano, guitar, and bass combine to create a steady groove that evokes deep purples and fuchsias as NIA takes listeners on a two-and-a-half-minute journey through her mind."

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Urban Magazine

"At the beginning, I wanted to do something different production-wise with my sound. I began making the project in the beginning of 2020, and of course that year was one for the books for all of us. So that’s when the political events that took place eventually found its way into the music."

Music Crowns

"There is something so pure about each soundscape she has brought to the airwaves. She makes connectivity seem effortless as she traverses the human psyche with delicacy and boldness."

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"The openly LGBTQIA+ artist has us immersed in a hefty serving of grippingly raw emotion with her latest single, "Distant Colors." Commencing with distinct guitar riffs that chug reverberated chords representing an open letter of isolation, there's much to learn from the expressions performed."

A&R Factory

"For anyone that has struggled to keep their head above water in the depth of their emotional intelligence, Distant Colors is more than resonant. The shimmering melodies paired with the steady canter of the kicking downtempo percussion props up NIA's vocals as they work through the lyrics that stand as a testament to her empathy and versatility."

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VENTS Magazine

"Distant Colors is an Alternative R&B song that is basically about self-reflection. I wanted people to feel like they were going through a spiritual experience when they listened to it. That’s the approach I take when it comes to making my music for the most part."

All of the Above

"It's very fulfilling to see..your work ain't going in vain. Cause obviously, in life there are a lot of failures. But like... I don't like to call them failures. If you can learn from your mistakes they're not failures."

all of the above podcast-12.jpg

"It's very exhausting. My mind goes a lot, it don't ever stop so I have to put it into something. I also genuinely like learning new things. I always have different conversations with myself in my mind like.. am I doing too much? Which things should I put to the side?"

The Kenlo Show

"Nia is a Philadelphia based artist that comes from a background of musicians and she picked up on the craft herself at a young age! She has been an artist for quite some time and has been sharing her gift with the world through her different walks of life. I wanted to have her on to share that with us as well . Not to mention, she is more than just an artist. Nia is also an activist and creative entrepreneur!"

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Chicago Music Guide

"On September 7th, NIA released TRAUMA TALES VOL. 1 where she pours her soul into a series of lofi RnB songs for about 20 minutes. Each song has its own unique flair and its own story that tells the listener about NIA; who she is, who she represents and her own feelings and desires. From a song with people arguing as an instrumental to a delicate song about the fear of being rejected, NIA is clearly very versatile in her storytelling."


After listening through “Trauma Tales Vol 1“, it is evident that there’s a delicate sweetness and intense passion intertwined effortlessly in honest and poignant lyrics. The majority of the album’s synth-laden production is atmospheric yet dreamy, as NIA opts for a bedroom pop vibe. As you dive into the album, NIA demonstrates a refinement of classic R&B sound on nearly all fronts – from elevated vocal performances to pristine and multi-faceted production; the album has equally as much fun swimming in its influences as it does expand on them.

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